Cable management

Management panels 19"/1U are suitable for the routing of copper and fibre optic cables, particularly suitable for patch cords in racks or cabinets with 19" mounting angles and rails. Cable shelfs fulfil the same function, particularly for...
Management panels
1U, 2U, black, 5 brackets

19"/1U and 19"/2U horizontal cable management panels.
With plastic brackets in various sizes (height/depth), assembled at the front.
Oval openings for front to rear cabling.

Management panels
1U, 2U, light grey, 4 brackets

19‘‘/1U and 19‘‘/2U management panels, light grey, Swiss Standard.
Assembled with 4 metal support brackets.

Cable manager - vertical
42U, black, high-density

Vertical high-density cable management unit, 42U, 112 mm depth, with 41 T-shape plastic fingers.
Aluminium base with 5 openings.
Easily removable cover, divided in three sections.
Comes with a set of rear blanking panels, 8 mounting kits M5,...

Cable managers - vertical
15U - 45U, black, standard

1. Vertical cable management units, 15U - 45U, plastic ducts with duct cover.
Variants ≥ 33U come with divided duct cover for easier handling.
Oval openings for front to rear cabling.
(Installation requires an appropriate holder)
2. Holders...

Cable managers - horizontal, plastic
1U, 2U, black, standard

19"/1U and 19"/2U horizontal cable management units.
Plastic duct with removable cover.
Openings for front to rear cabling.

Cable managers - horizontal, metal
1U - 3U, black, aluminium base

19" horizontal cable management units, 1U-3U, 112 mm depth.
With 10 T-shape plastic fingers, aluminium base and easily removable cover.
Comes with mounting kit.

Cable duct - front to rear
black, adjustable depth

Front to rear duct for cable management, black.
With radius at the ends.
64 mm width, 134 mm height, length (depth) adjustable from 440 to 750 mm.
Comes with two end pieces with radius and 4 screws M5.

Basket trays - vertical
15U - 48U, metal

Basket trays for vertical cable management between the 19" extrusions (rails).
Comes with 2 vertical holders and mounting kit.
Installation in Datwyler racks DNRP and DNRS: on vertical holders (enclosed).
Installation in Datwyler racks DSRP...

Cable mangement grids
Side grids, 181 mm height, light grey

Side grids for cable management, light grey.
For rack depths 600, 800 or 1000 mm.
Installation behind the 19" extrusions (rails).
Comes with 4 holders (delivery without cable ties).

Cable mangement C-Rail
Installation behind the 19" extrusions (rails).

C-Rails for cable management.
For rack depths 800 or 1000 mm.
Installation behind the 19" extrusions (rails).
Comes with 2 holders (delivery without cable ties).
Compatible with standard cable clabs for slot size 16-17mm.

Cable brackets, plastic, equipped with metal flanges.
To be mounted on the 19" extrusion (rails).
Variants are available for horizontal and vertical cable management.

Cable brackets
Cable brackets, metal, equipped with metal flanges.
To be mounted on the 19" extrusion (rails).
Variants for side or front cable entry are available.

Horizontal cable manement holder set.
For cable trays and side cable management.
For rack depths 600 mm (DNRS, DSRS) and 800 mm (all Datwyler racks).
Comes as a pair including mounting kit.

19"/1U horizontal cable holder.
36 positions.
Delivery without cable ties.

Cable management side panels
15U - 48U, metal, perforated

Perforated sheet steel side panels for cable management inside racks.
150 mm width.
Can be mounted on the top and bottom frame of the rack.
Set includes one panel and mounting kit.