DIN rail splice distribution box

G50/125 OM4

with adapters and pigtails

DIN rail splice distribution box, loaded with 6 LCD adapters


For the termination of fibre optic cables in control cabinets and distribution boxes - maximum of 24. fibres
For mounting on TH35 support rail.
Loaded with FO adapters, ready for splicing, with prepared pigtails (per 2 m, colour code: IEC 60304).
DIN rail splice distribution box
- straight cable entry (right and left or rear)
- splice cassette
- FO adapters, fastened by screws
- complete splicing set with crimp splice protection
- labelling strip
- cable gland (1x M20)
Housing:sheet steel
Colour:similar to RAL 7035
Imprint:label strips
Capacity:up to 24 fibres
Strain relief:by screwed cable gland
Cable entry:two cable entry openings and one M20 gland
Dimensions:135 x 38 x 141 mm
Adapter:LCD, LSH or SCD with ceramic sleeves
Variants on request.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductColor (front plate)Number of adaptersAdaptersColour (adapter)PigtailsPU
415632DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6SCDheather violet12x SC1 pc.
415631DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6LCDheather violet12x LC1 pc.
415636DIN rail splice distribution boxgrey6LCQheather violet24x LC1 pc.

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