FO Outdoor wbGGT HP / A-DQ(ZN)B2Y

HighP Euroclass Fca

non metallic, dry interstices,
water resistant, rodent protection

1 ≤ 24 fibres
2 Loose tube
3 Swelling tape
4 Glass armour
5 Ripcord
6 HDPE sheath


Robust, metal-free fibre optic outdoor cable with stranded loose tubes in one layer.
High crush resistance for high transmission reliability.
Easy handling due to the use of dry strand interstices.
Non-metallic rodent protection.
The two coloured ripcords are easy to identify and enable the safe opening of the cable sheath.
HDPE cable sheath, easy to lay.

For pulling in or blowing through thermoplastic duct systems.
Suitable for laying in cable platforms, cable trays
and even in complex cable trays.
Direct burial.

The cables are available with different types of optical fibre (see fibre data sheets).


Temperature rangestorage: -40°C / +70°CIEC 60794-1-22 F1
 during installation: -10°C / +50°C 
 in operation: -40°C / +60°C 
Tensile performance:IEC 60794-1-21 E1  
Crush resistance:IEC 60794-1-21 E3  
Impact:IEC 60794-1-21 E4  
Repeated bending:IEC 60794-1-21 E6  
Torsion:IEC 60794-1-21 E7  
Bend:IEC 60794-1-21 E11  
Water penetration:IEC 60794-1-22 F5  

Reaction to fire (Euroclasses)

EN 13501-6:Fca


DATWYLER «cable type» «Datwyler designation» «DIN designation» «no. of fibres» «fibre type» «add. text» «batch no.» «meter marks»

Zero halogen, no corrosive gases

IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2


Product Datasheet
Tender text
GHMT PVP Certificates


Article No.DoPProductNumber of fibresLoose TubesSheath colourFibre typeSheath Ø [mm]Weight [kg/km]Bending radius [mm]Tensile load [N]Crush resistance continuous [N]Crush resistance short term [N]Fire load [kWh/m]PU
19444400FZFO Outdoor HP 2x12245blackG50/125 OM4121281809000300080001.04by the metre
19005900FZFO Outdoor HP 1x12125blackE9/125 G.652.D OS212128.11809000 N3000 N8000 N1.04 Kwh/mby the metre
18662700FZFO Outdoor HP 1x12125blackG50/125 OM212831809000 N3000 N8000 N1.04 Kwh/mby the metre
19065100FZFO Outdoor HP 1x12125blackG50/125 OM3121281809000300080001.04by the metre
18674800FZFO Outdoor HP 2x12245blackE9/125 G.652.D OS21284.31809000 N3000 N8000 N1.04 Kwh/mby the metre
19036800FZFO Outdoor HP 2x12245blackG50/125 OM312109.61809000 N3000 N8000 N1.04 Kwh/mby the metre
18643700FZFO Outdoor HP 2x12245blackG50/125 OM2121281809000300080001.04by the metre
19005800FZFO Outdoor HP 3x12365blackE9/125 G.652.D OS21284.31809000 N3000 N8000 N1.04 Kwh/mby the metre
18643800FZFO Outdoor HP 3x12365blackG50/125 OM21285.61809000 N3000 N8000 N1.04 Kwh/mby the metre
18738500FZFO Outdoor HP 4x12485blackE9/125 G.652.D OS21284.31809000 N3000 N8000 N1.04 Kwh/mby the metre
18643900FZFO Outdoor HP 4x12485blackG50/125 OM2121281809000300080001.04by the metre
19036900FZFO Outdoor HP 4x12485blackG50/125 OM3121281809000300080001.04by the metre
19017100FZFO Outdoor HP 5x12605blackE9/125 G.652.D - OS2121281809000300080001.04by the metre
19017200FZFO Outdoor HP 6x12726blackE9/125 G.652.D OS212.8109.41959000 N3000 N8000 N1.137 Kwh/mby the metre
19178200FZFO Outdoor HP 6x12726blackG50/125 OM212.81461959000300080001.137by the metre
18676000FZFO Outdoor HP 8x12968blackE9/125 G.652.D - OS2141602109000300080001.305by the metre
19037200FZFO Outdoor HP 8x12968blackG50/125 OM214109.62109000 N3000 N8000 N1.305 Kwh/mby the metre
19017400FZFO Outdoor HP 9x1210810blackE9/125 G.652.D OS215.4133.52309000 N3000 N8000 N1.491 Kwh/mby the metre
19017500FZFO Outdoor HP 10x1212010blackE9/125 G.652.D OS215.4133.52309000 N3000 N8000 N1.491 Kwh/mby the metre
19269700FZFO Outdoor HP 10x1212010blackG50/125 OM315.4133.52309000 N3000 N8000 N1.491 Kwh/mby the metre
18739400FZFO Outdoor HP 12x1214412blackE9/125 G.652.D OS216.9200.72559000 N3000 N8000 N1.707 Kwh/mby the metre
19031100FZFO Outdoor HP 12x1214412blackG50/125 OM316.92232559000300080001.707by the metre
19076400FZFO Outdoor HP 6x241446blackE9/125 G.652.D - OS213.8167205900030008001.291by the metre
19127000FZFO Outdoor HP 8x241928blackE9/125 G.652.D OS2152552259000 N3000 N8000 N1.583 Kwh/mby the metre
19069600FZFO Outdoor HP 9x2421610blackE9/125 G.652.D - OS2172502559000300080001.993by the metre
19032500FZFO Outdoor HP 12x2428812blackE9/125 G.652.D - OS218.82732859000300080002.453by the metre
19215700FZFO Outdoor HP 1x12+1x12245blackE9/125 G.652.D OS2 + G50/125 OM31285.21809000 N3000 N8000 N1.04 Kwh/mby the metre