Rail adapter Keystone


for 1 RJ45 module KS-T, KS-TC, KS-TS or KU-T

Rail adapter for 1 RJ45 module KS-T,KS-TC, KS-TS or KU-T


Rail adapter for 1 tool-less RJ45 Keystone module KS-T,KS-TC plus, KS-TS (Slimline) or KU-T. Can be fitted onto any 35 mm standard (DIN) rail.
Made of stainless steel, therefore always electrically conducted (via rail) with the building´s equipotential bonding.
Its width allows for installations of up to 12 modules in a row in any standard electrical distributor.
Delivery without module.

For the transmission of Ethernet protocols in structured premises cabling in the industrial sector.

Suitable for the following Datwyler modules:
- PS-GG45 7A shielded
- RJ45 module KS-TC Plus 1/8 Cat. 6A shielded
- RJ45 module KS-T Plus 1/8 Cat. 6A shielded
- RJ45 module KS-T 1/8 Cat. 6/EA shielded
- RJ45 module KS-TS 1/8 Cat. 6/EA shielded
- RJ45 module KS-T 5 1/8 Cat. 5e shielded
- RJ45 module KU-T 1/8 Cat. 6 unshielded
- RJ45 module KU-T 1/8 Cat. 5e unshielded

- Rail mounted onto TH35 rails (in accordance with DIN EN60715)
- W = 1 width unit (< 18mm) (DIN 43880)
- with labelling field


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductColourPU
418025Rail adapter Keystone for 1x KS-T/KU-T/KS-TC (delivery without module)silver1 pc.

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