Splicing accessories

Faceplates and outlets especially for the high-speed transmission of voice, video and data in accordance with the EN 50173.

Management panels 19“/1U are suitable for the routing of copper and fibre optic cables, particularly suitable for patch cords in racks or cabinets with 19“ mounting angles and rails.

Cable shelfs fulfil the same function, particularly for...

FO connector termination
Optical performance values
Datwyler offers a broad range of terminated connectors for individual customer needs, such as the connector types SC, LC, ST, LSH, FC/PC, MU, MTP/MPO, and others.
These can be supplied in simplex as well as in duplex variants.
Most types are...
Launch cable box
for OTDR testing

Launch cables are necessary for optical performance testing/measurement of fibre optic connections with an OTDR.


The cleanliness of FO connectors is critical for satisfactory optical performance and long-term trouble-free transmission. Connectors that are dirty, worn or scratched due to improper use will have a negative effect on optical performance...