FO patch panel OV-S u

19“/1U, unloaded

exchangeable front plate, extractable,
depth-adjustable mounting

Fibre optic patch panel OV-S, 19‘‘/1U, without front plate,
extractable, depth-adjustable mounting


For the termination of fibre optic cables (breakout, loose tube) - maximum of 96 fibres.
Applicable with a wide range of front plates / connector systems (see OV-S / OV-AT 1U accessories).

Box, with straight cable entry plates,
splice tray holder.

Please order the front plate seperately.

Housing:metallic, extractable drawer with locking mechanism
Rack mounting:depth-adjustable mounting of box (5 steps, maximum 50 mm) due to the adjustable 19‘‘ mounting brackets
Colour mounting brackets (variants):similar to RAL 7035, similar to RAL 9005 and stainless steel
Capacity:up to 96 fibres
Strain relief:with cable tie and screwed cable gland or cable distributor
Cable entry:rear left and right (two big openings, covered with straight cable entry plates: Article No. 415308 with pre-stamped cable entries M20 and M25 and Article No. 418650 with pre-stamped cable entries 2x M15, 1x M20 – these pre-stamped holes can be opened as necessary)
Dimensions:19“/1U, depth 300 mm
Option:An additional element (folding mechnaism) allows the drawer to be hinged down at a 45 degree angle (tool-less assembly)
Connector system
Adapter:ST, FC, SCD, SC, LSH, LCD (dependent on front plate)


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductColourNote
415201OV-S extractable 1Ulight greywithout front plate
415203OV-S extractable 1Ublackwithout front plate
415204OV-S extractable 1Usilverwithout front plate
415245Folding mechanism for OV-S 1U

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