FO Outdoor ZwbKWT BL / A-DQ(ZN)(SR)2Y

Basic Line Euroclass Fca

central loose tube, longitudinally watertight,
corrugated steel tape, rodent proof

1 ≤ 24 fibres
2 Loose tube
3 Swelling tape
4 Aramid yarn
5 Ripcord
6 Corrugated steel tape
7 HDPE sheath


Fibre optic outdoor cable with corrugated steel tape for optimal rodent protection.
Central loose tube, up to 24 fibres.
Dry construction.
Stable laying characteristics, easy installation in ducts.

Installation in thermoplastic ducts.
Suitable for laying in cable platforms, cable shafts and even in complex cable trays,
particularly where a reliable rodent protection is required.
Direct burial.

The cables are available with different types of optical fibre (see fibre data sheets).
Temperature rangestorage: -40 / +70°CIEC 60794-1-22 F1
 during installation: -10 / +50°C 
 in operation: -40 / +60°C 
Tensile performance:IEC 60794-1-21 E1  
Crush resistance:IEC 60794-1-21 E3  
Impact:IEC 60794-1-21 E4  
Repeated bending:IEC 60794-1-21 E6  
Torsion:IEC 60794-1-21 E7  
Bend:IEC 60794-1-21 E11  
Water penetration:IEC 60794-1-22 F5  

Reaction to fire (Euroclasses)

EN 13501-6:Fca


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Zero alogeni, no gas corrosivi

IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2


Product Datasheet


Article No.DoPProdottoNumero di fibraTubi larghiColore della guainaTipologia di fibraGuaina Ø [mm]Peso [kg/km]Raggio di curvatura [mm]Carico di tensione [N]Resistenza alla schiacciatura continua [N]Resistenza a breve termine [N]Carico di fuoco [kWh/m]PU
19007200FZFO Outdoor BL 1x88neraG50/125 OM38.268.41000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
18420800FZFO Outdoor BL 1x221neraG50/125 OM28.268.21201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
19020000FZFO Outdoor BL 1x441neraE9/125 G.652.D OS28.268.31201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
18017100FZFO Outdoor BL 1x441neraG50/125 OM28.268.21201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
19609800FZFO Outdoor BL 1x441neraG50/125 OM38.268.31201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
18737700FZFO Outdoor BL 1x661neraE9/125 G.652.D OS28.268.31201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
18420000FZFO Outdoor BL 1x661neraG50/125 OM28.268.31201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
18738900FZFO Outdoor BL 1x661neraG50/125 OM38.268.31201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
19020100FZFO Outdoor BL 1x881neraE9/125 G.652.D OS28.268.31201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
17873200FZFO Outdoor BL 1x881neraG50/125 OM28.268.41201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
19020200FZFO Outdoor BL 1x12121neraE9/125 G.652.D OS28.268.31201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
18011400FZFO Outdoor BL 1x12121neraG50/125 OM28.268.61201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
19180600FZFO Outdoor BL 1x12121neraG50/125 OM38.268.61201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
19268900FZFO Outdoor BL 1x12121neraG50/125 OM48.268.61201000 N1500 N4000 N0.603al metro
19004000FZFO Outdoor BL 1x16161neraG50/125 OM38.268.31201000 N1500 N4000 N0.629al metro
19035500FZFO Outdoor BL 1x24241neraE9/125 G.652.D OS28.269.11201000 N1500 N4000 N0.629al metro
18663000FZFO Outdoor BL 1x24241neraG50/125 OM28.273.11201000 N1500 N4000 N0.629al metro
19611400FZFO Outdoor BL 1x24241neraG50/125 OM48.273.11201000 N1500 N4000 N0.629al metro