Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APC, E9/125 G.657.A2 OS2

Uniboot, 2 fibres


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High quality, high performance round patch cables, assembled with LCD Uniboot connectors at both ends.
An integrated quick release latch allows the user to reverse the polarity (A to A or A to B) quickly on the spot.
Compact, space saving cable design with Ø 2.0 mm (cable sheath) improves air circulation.
Bend optimised fibre, suitable for small space application.
Labelling at both cable ends for quick identification.
Optional push-pull rods of adjustable length simplify connector maintenance and insertion in very tight spaces.
Optionally available with FR/LS0H or PVC/OFNP.
OS2 LCD-on-LCD patch cords are suitable for all high-performance applications with duplex signals in the data centre environment.
Patchcord, packed and labelled in clear plastic sleeve.
Supplied with test certificate.
2 push-pull rods (optionally, see list below).
Materiale ghiera:Zirconia
Tipologia di connettore lato A:LCD/APC
Colore corpo connettore A:
Connettore per lucidatura della ghiera A:8 °
IL tipico, connettore A:0.1 dB
IL maximal, connettore A:0.25 dB
RL typical, connector A:75 dB
RL minimal, connector A:65 dB
Tipologia di connettore lato B:LCD/APC
Colore corpo connettore B:
Connettore per lucidatura della ghiera B:8 °
IL tipico, connettore B:0.1 dB
IL maximal, connettore B:0.25 dB
RL typical, connector B:75 dB
RL minimal, connector B:65 dB
Outer sheath materialFR/LS0H
Outer sheath colourgiallo

Zero alogeni, no gas corrosivi

IEC 60754-1/2

Diffusione delle fiamme

IEC 60332-3


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProdottoGuainaColore della guainaPolaritàBastoni push-pullLunghezza [m]
4140041Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-Bno1 m
4140141Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-B1 m
4140042Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-Bno2 m
4140142Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-B2 m
4140043Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-Bno3 m
4140143Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-B3 m
4140044Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-Bno4 m
4140144Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-B4 m
4140045Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-Bno5 m
4140145Patch cord LCD/APC - LCD/APCFR/LS0HgialloA-B5 m
Other versions and lengths available on request