1. Ecken mit Seitenpanelen
2. Seitenpanele

3. Filter set
2. Höhenverstellbare Füße


1. Plinth corners with front and rear panels, set of 2 pcs., height: 100 mm, for all types of free standing network- or server-racks with a total weight up to 1700 kg. The size corresponds with the width of the rack. The rear panel can accommodate a frame with filter. Compatible with the adjustable feet.
2. Plinth side-panels, set of 2 pcs., height: 100 mm, with three cable entry openings and removable blank panels. The size corresponds with the depth of the rack. The side-panels can accommodate a set of frame with filter.
3. Set of frames with filter for plinth side- and rear-panels.
4. Adjustable feet for plinth corners, set of 4 pcs.
Suitable for all types of free standing Datwyler racks.
Available in black RAL 9005 and light grey RAL 7035. All sets include a mounting kit.
It is possible to install two plinths on top of each other to a total 200 mm plinth.


Fiche technique du produit


N° d'articleProduitCouleurLargeur [mm]Profondeur [mm]
19554000ZYPlinth corner front panel setnoire300
19554100ZYPlinth corner front panel setnoire400
19554200ZYPlinth corner front panel setnoire600
19554300ZYPlinth corner front panel setnoire800
19554400ZYPlinth side panel set closednoire600
19554500ZYPlinth side panel set closednoire800
19554600ZYPlinth side panel set closednoire1000
19554700ZYPlinth side panel set closednoire1200
19554800ZYPlinth corner front panel setgris clar300
19554900ZYPlinth corner front panel setgris clar400
19555000ZYPlinth corner front panel setgris clar600
19555100ZYPlinth corner front panel setgris clar800
19555200ZYPlinth side panel set closedgris clar600
19555300ZYPlinth side panel set closedgris clar800
19555400ZYPlinth side panel set closedgris clar1000
19555500ZYPlinth side panel set closedgris clar1200
19555600ZYFilter set for plinth panelsnoire
19555700ZYFilter set for plinth panelsgris clar
19555800ZYAdjustable feet set for plinth

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