FTTH - Fibre to the Home

Cutting-edge total solutions for superfast fibre-optic broadband networks
2nd Edition (2011)
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Components for FTTx cabling systems

Innovative integrated solutions for your high-speed fibre optic networks
(Dätwyler Cables GmbH, Germany)
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FTTH solutions

for the communication needs of the future
(1st Edition, October 2010)
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Artículos técnicos

Construction Products Regulation (CPR): Clear Labelling of Cable Fire Safety Classes

From 1 July 2017 only cables with classified fire behaviour may be put on the European market...
pdf [1 MB]

Regolamento per i Prodotti da Costruzione (CPR)

Una chiara definizione delle classi di resistenza al fuoco dei cavi
pdf [924 KB]

Regulamento Europeu de Produtos de Construção (CPR)

Identificação clara das classes de segurança contra incêndios em cabos
pdf [952 KB]

The new bend-optimized single-mode G.652.D (BLO) fibre

eliminates compatibility problems in all network types
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Planning, cleaning, connection and measurement

Key aspects in the correct installation of fibre optic cabling
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