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Data Solutions Product Guide

Shortform Catalogue - international version
6th Edition (2018)
pdf [7 MB]

Guía de productos para soluciones de datos

Versión española
1ª edición (2014)
pdf [5 MB]

Guida ai prodotti delle soluzioni data

Catalogo ridotto - per l'Italia
4a edizione (2014)
pdf [5 MB]

Tietotekniikkaratkaisujen tuoteopas

Luettelo - Suomi
4. painos (2013/2014)
pdf [4 MB]

Data Centre Cabling - Product Overview

Flexible and future-proof solutions for data centres
Short-form catalogue, 1st Edition (2015)
pdf [3 MB]

FTTH - Fibre to the Home

Cutting-edge total solutions for superfast fibre-optic broadband networks
2nd Edition (2011)
pdf [8 MB]

Elevator Cabling Systems

Power and data for modern elevators
2nd Edition (2017)
pdf [3 MB]

Números de artículo de 10 dígitos

The key to the 10-digit article number

Important additional information for our customers
pdf [266 KB]


Datwyler Image Brochure

Electrical and Communications Infrastructures.
Consulting. System Solutions. Products. Services.
pdf [4 MB]

Micro and Mini Data Centres

Cutting Edge solutions for your decentralised DC architecture
pdf [1 MB]

Fulfilling all requirements

Complete solutions for electrical and ICT infrastructures in your data centre
pdf [1,000 KB]

Guías de selección

Soluciones de cableado de cobre por Categorías / Clase

Cables de datos y conectores para tus requerimientos
pdf [1 MB]

Future-proof 10GBASE-T solutions for your IT infrastructure

Components for Class EA cabling systems with RJ45 module KS-TC Plus Cat.6A (IEC)
pdf [985 KB]

Components for class EA cabling systems with RJ45 module KS-T Plus Cat.6A (IEC)

Future-proof 10GBase-T solutions for your IT infrastructure
(Dätwyler Cables GmbH, Germany)
pdf [719 KB]

Soluciones de cableado de fibra óptica

Cables de fibra óptica y dispositivos de conexión
pdf [900 KB]

Datwyler solución de Centro de Datos

La solución aprueba del futuro para el cableado de su centro de datos
pdf [753 KB]

Components for FTTx cabling systems

Innovative integrated solutions for your high-speed fibre optic networks
(Dätwyler Cables GmbH, Germany)
pdf [618 KB]

Certificados SQS / IQNet

Información para usuarios sobre la eliminación de RAEE

Información para usuarios sobre la correcta eliminación

de aparatos eléctricos y componentes electrónicos
pdf [82 KB]