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Data Centre Cabling - Product Overview

Flexible and future-proof solutions for data centres
Short-form catalogue, 1st Edition (2015)
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Datwyler Micro Data Centre

Cutting Edge solutions for de-centralised DC architecture
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Datwyler Micro Data Centre

Soluzioni intelligenti ai confini della vostra architettura DC decentralizzata
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Fulfilling all requirements

Complete solutions for electrical and ICT infrastructures in your data centre
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The modular compact data centre for the security of your IT infrastructure
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Guía de selección

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Datwyler solución de Centro de Datos

La solución aprueba del futuro para el cableado de su centro de datos
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Artículos técnicos

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Parallel Optics on Duplex

Port breakout configuration: important aspects which should be considered
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Construction Products Regulation (CPR): Clear Labelling of Cable Fire Safety Classes

From 1 July 2017 only cables with classified fire behaviour may be put on the European market...
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Regulamento Europeu de Produtos de Construção (CPR)

Identificação clara das classes de segurança contra incêndios em cabos
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The new bend-optimized single-mode G.652.D (BLO) fibre

eliminates compatibility problems in all network types
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The colourful world of LC duplex connectors

Types, common colours and applications
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Planning, cleaning, connection and measurement

Key aspects in the correct installation of fibre optic cabling
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Screened or Unscreened Cabling - Which is Best for the Data Centre?

by Dr Alan Flatman, Principal Consultant, LAN Technologies
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Afgeschermd of niet afgeschermd - wat is beter voor een datacentrum?

van Alan Flatman, onafhankelijke adviseur, LAN Technologies
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Garantía Datwyler

Long-term security

Even the best matched systems can only show their optimal potential when the installation is optimised. We train network installers in the Datwyler systems, in order to be able to guarantee an optimal quality of installation. Our seminars provide participants with the knowledge of the right application for products, combinations and dependencies of different parameters in the cabling system, and the resulting high quality of installation in copper and fibre-optic networking.

Certified installers can offer a Datwyler warranty for the installed systems: normally for 25 years, but this can be extended depending on project criteria. An acceptance test for each link documents that all required electrical or optical values are maintained. 

Datwyler System Warranty 
ZIP file (1.6 MB) contains:
•  General Warranty Provisions 
•  Appendix A1_1: Acceptance Requirements copper
•  Appendix A1_2: Acceptance Requirements fibre optic
•  Appendix A2: Warranty Registration

 Please find more specific downloads for our copper and fibre optic cables here.