WUM support measure


for vertical cable installation


Effective support measure for vertical installation of Datwyler safety cables with intrinsic fire resistance using the C-shaped rail 2970 SLD. Meandering cable laying is not necessary if the WUM is used (intervals: up to 3.5 m).
The WUM is slipped over the strap clamp that attaches the cable to the C-shaped rail at intervals of up to 3.5 m. It is attached to the C-shaped rail by means of slide nuts and threaded rods. Hollow spaces are filled with mineral wool. The cable inlet and back of the WUM are sealed with fire protection filler.
The WUM E30 and WUM E90 can be used with all Datwyler Keram cable types
(N)HXH / (N)HXH CL / (N)HXCH FE180/E30-E60, (N)HXH / (N)HXCH FE180/E90, JE-H(St)H FE180/E30-E90 and JE-H(St)HRH FE180/E30-E90.
Fire protection housing
Fastening set
Cartridge of fire protection filler
Mineral wool

The WUM protects the clamp of safety cables with intrinsic fire resistance,
thereby supporting the vertically laid cabling in the event of fire.


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N° de artículoProductoDimensiones exteriores [mm]para riel en forma de C 2970 SLD [mm]UE
1301276WUM 300 E30100 x 370 x 1353001 pza.
1301278WUM 400 E30100 x 470 x 1354001 pza.
1301277WUM 500 E30100 x 570 x 1355001 pza.
1301275WUM 300 E90200 x 470 x 1853001 pza.
1301274WUM 400 E90200 x 570 x 1854001 pza.
1301273WUM 500 E90200 x 670 x 1855001 pza.
301370Fire protection filler15 kg balde plástico