RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e

100 MHz, shielded, wiring 1:1


The Datwyler patch cords and connection cables are fitted with a shielded RJ45 plug and a moulded anti-snag boot on both ends. The cable CU 5502 flex 4P offers an excellent screen performance due to its overall copper braid and is highly flexible.Standard assortment: from 0.5 m until 20 m. Customised adjustments (anti-snag boot, termination, label) are available at short notice.

Cero halógenos, gases no corrosivos

IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2

Propagación de la flama

IEC 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2

Densidad de humo

IEC 61034-1/-2, EN 61034-1/-2, VDE 0482-1034-1/-2 - applies to FRNC/LS0H


IEEE 802.3at

Compatibilidad electromagnética



Cat.5 / 5e / Class D for 100Base-T and 1GBase-T


ISO/IEC 11801:2002 (Class D, Channel)
EN 50173: 2011


Ficha técnica del producto


N° de artículoProductoForroColor (forro)Longitud [m]Cableado
652253RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro0.5 m1:1
652258RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro1 m1:1
652259RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro1.5 m1:1
652260RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro2 m1:1
652261RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro2.5 m1:1
652262RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro3 m1:1
652263RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro3.5 m1:1
652264RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro4 m1:1
652266RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro5 m1:1
652268RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro6 m1:1
652270RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro7 m1:1
652278RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro8 m1:1
652276RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCnegro10 m1:1
652753RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja0.5 m1:1
652758RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFRNC/LS0Hnaranja1 m1:1
652759RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja1.5 m1:1
652760RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFRNC/LS0Hnaranja2 m1:1
652761RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja2.5 m1:1
652762RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFRNC/LS0Hnaranja3 m1:1
652764RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja4 m1:1
652766RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFRNC/LS0Hnaranja5 m1:1
652768RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja6 m1:1
652770RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja7 m1:1
652772RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFRNC/LS0Hnaranja8 m1:1
652774RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja9 m1:1
652776RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja10 m1:1
652777RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja12.5 m1:1
652778RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja15 m1:1
652780RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5e*FRNC/LS0Hnaranja20 m1:1
652003RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris0.5 m1:1
652008RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris1 m1:1
652009RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris1.5 m1:1
652010RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris2 m1:1
652011RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris2.5 m1:1
652012RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris3 m1:1
652014RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris4 m1:1
652016RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris5 m1:1
652018RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris6 m1:1
652020RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris7 m1:1
652022RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris8 m1:1
652024RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris9 m1:1
652026RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris10 m1:1
652027RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris12.5 m1:1
652028RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris15 m1:1
652030RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCgris20 m1:1
652053RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde0.5 m1:1
652058RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde1 m1:1
652059RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde1.5 m1:1
652060RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde2 m1:1
652061RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde2.5 m1:1
652062RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde3 m1:1
652064RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde4 m1:1
652066RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde5 m1:1
652068RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde6 m1:1
652070RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde7 m1:1
652072RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde8 m1:1
652074RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde9 m1:1
652076RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde10 m1:1
652077RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde12.5 m1:1
652078RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde15 m1:1
652080RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCverde20 m1:1
652103RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo0.5 m1:1
652108RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo1 m1:1
652109RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo1.5 m1:1
652110RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo2 m1:1
652111RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo2.5 m1:1
652112RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo3 m1:1
652114RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo4 m1:1
652116RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo5 m1:1
652118RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo6 m1:1
652120RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo7 m1:1
652122RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo8 m1:1
652124RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo9 m1:1
652126RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo10 m1:1
652127RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo12.5 m1:1
652128RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo15 m1:1
652130RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCamarillo20 m1:1
652153RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo0.5 m1:1
652158RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo1 m1:1
652159RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo1.5 m1:1
652160RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo2 m1:1
652161RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo2.5 m1:1
652162RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo3 m1:1
652164RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo4 m1:1
652166RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo5 m1:1
652168RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo6 m1:1
652170RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo7 m1:1
652172RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo8 m1:1
652174RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo9 m1:1
652176RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo10 m1:1
652177RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo12.5 m1:1
652178RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo15 m1:1
652180RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCrojo20 m1:1
652203RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul0.5 m1:1
652208RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul1 m1:1
652209RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul1.5 m1:1
652210RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul2 m1:1
652211RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul2.5 m1:1
652212RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul3 m1:1
652214RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul4 m1:1
652216RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul5 m1:1
652218RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul6 m1:1
652220RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul7 m1:1
652222RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul8 m1:1
652224RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul9 m1:1
652226RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul10 m1:1
652227RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul12.5 m1:1
652228RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul15 m1:1
652230RJ45 patch cords Cat.5/5eFR/PVCazul20 m1:1
Products marked with * and lengths up to 100 m are not on stock but can be delivered at short notice. Please do not hesitate to contact us.