1. Plinth corners with front and rear panels, set of 2 pcs., height: 100 mm, for all types of free standing network- or server-racks with a total weight up to 1700 kg. The size corresponds with the width of the rack. The rear panel can...
42U, perforated, light grey & black
1. Half door sets, RAL 9005 or 7035, perforated, 86% perforation,
set per 2 pcs.
2x 42U x 300 mm (total width: 600 mm) for 42U DSRP,
2x 42U x 400 mm (total width: 800 mm) for 42U racks.
2. One-piece door, RAL 9005 or 7035, perforated, 86%...
Castors, mounting kit, baying kit
1. Castor for free-standing racks, 1 pc., 50 kg load capacity.
2. Swivel braked castor for free-standing racks, 1 pc., 50 kg load capacity.
3. Mounting kit, 1 set = 50 screws, nuts and washers in a 3 - parted box
4. Rack baying kit for...
Gabinetes Premium para montaje en pared DWMR
1U - 5U, light grey & black
19" blank plate sets for covering unused height units in racks.
Minimize unwanted airflows in racks, enhance energy efficiency.
Powder coated sheet steel.
Available versions:
1U, 2U, 3U, screwable or tool-less (with 1/4-turn fastener),