Cable management side panels

15U - 48U, metal, perforated

Perforated side panels for cable mangement inside racks


Perforated sheet steel side panels for cable management inside racks.
150 mm width.
Can be mounted on the top and bottom frame of the rack.
Set includes one panel and mounting kit.


Ficha técnica del producto


N° de artículoProductoColorAlturaAncho [mm]UE
195206Perforated side panel for cable managementplateado15U1501 juego
195208Perforated side panel for cable managementplateado21U1501 juego
195209Perforated side panel for cable managementplateado27U1501 juego
195210Perforated side panel for cable managementplateado33U1501 juego
195211Perforated side panel for cable managementplateado42U1501 juego
195212Perforated side panel for cable managementplateado45U1501 juego
195213Perforated side panel for cable managementplateado48U1501 juego

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