PDUs - basic socket strips

with SCHUKO(CEE) / SEV (CH) / UTE (FR) / UK / IEC sockets/plugs

PDU, 19''/1U, grey, with 12x C13
PDU, 19''/1U, grey, with 8x SCHUKO, with switch
(images without connection cable and mounting brackets)


High quality 19"/1U PDU in compact design.
Stable anodized aluminium housing, grey, black, aluminium, white or orange.
Variants with SCHUKO or IEC 60320 (C13/C19), T13, T23, UK, and UTE sockets, optionally with various extra functions.
Equipped with universal mounting brackets which allow the installation in various positions, heights and inclination angles.
Power distribution in IT-racks in data centres and technical rooms.

AC 230 V, 50 Hz, 1-phase, 16 A, for variants with SCHUKO (SK) and IEC 60320 (C13/C19) sockets.

PDU, connection cable (2 m) with plug, 19" mounting brackets (2 pcs) and screws.
280047 - 280049 and 280053 - 280056: with 3 m connection cable.

Main variants:  19“/1U, 440 x 44.5 x 44 mm (W x H x D)
Special variants: 19”/>1U, 440 x 52 x 44 mm (W x H x D)
Maximum of 9 or 12 sockets per 19” housing with riveted ends


SK:   DE/INT 16A (CEE 7/3, CEE 7/7)
T13: CH 10A (SEV 1011 T13/T12)
T23: CH 16A (SEV 1011 T23)
UTE: FR 16A (NF C61-314 / CEE 7/5, CEE 7/7)
UK:  UK 13A (BS 1363)
C13: International 10A (IEC 60320 C13, C14)


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductNumber of SocketsSocketsPlugExtra FunctionsColour
280020PDU 19" 1U, 8xSK-SK 2m S GR8SCHUKOSCHUKOSwitchlight grey
280021PDU 19" 1U, 9xSK-SK 2m GR9SCHUKOSCHUKOlight grey
280022PDU 19" 1U, 6xSK-SK 2m OV RF GR6SCHUKOSCHUKOOvervoltage, Protection Mains & Frequency Filterlight grey
280023PDU 19" 1U, 5xSK-SK 2m OV RF GR5SCHUKOSCHUKOOvervoltage, Protection Mains & Frequency Filterlight grey
280024PDU 19" 1U, 8xSK-SK 2m OV GR8SCHUKOSCHUKOOvervoltage Protectionlight grey
280025PDU 19" 1U, 7xSK-SK 2m OV S GR7SCHUKOSCHUKOOvervoltage Protectionlight grey
280026PDU 19" 1U, 7xSK-SK 2m RF GR7SCHUKOSCHUKOMains & Frequency Filterlight grey
280027PDU 19" 1U, 8xSK-C14 2m F10A GR8SCHUKOC14Fuselight grey
280028PDU 19" 1U, 6xSK-SK 2m FI GR6SCHUKOSCHUKOResidual Current Protectionlight grey
280029PDU 19" 1U, 6xSK-SK 2m LS GR6SCHUKOSCHUKOCircuit Breakerlight grey
280030PDU 19" 1U, 8xSK-SK 2m S BK8SCHUKOSCHUKOSwitchblack
280031PDU 19" 1U, 9xSK-SK 2m BK9SCHUKOSCHUKOblack
280032PDU 19" 1U, 8xSK-SK 2m OV BK8SCHUKOSCHUKOOvervoltage Protectionblack
280033PDU 19" 1U, 7xSK-SK 2m OV S BK7SCHUKOSCHUKOSwitch, Overvoltage Protectionblack
280034PDU 19" 1U, 6xSK-SK 2m OV RF BK6SCHUKOSCHUKOOvervoltage Protectionblack
280035PDU 19" 1U, 5xSK-SK 2m S BK5SCHUKOSCHUKOSwitchblack
280036PDU 19" 1U, 8xSK-C14 2m F10A BK8SCHUKOC14Fuseblack
280037PDU 19" 1U, 7xSK-SK 2m S PVC7SCHUKOSCHUKOSwitchlight grey
280038PDU 19" 1U, 8xSK-SK 2m PVC8SCHUKOSCHUKOlight grey
280039PDU 19" 1U, 5xSK-SK 2m OV RF PVC5SCHUKOSCHUKOOvervoltage, Protection Mains & Frequency Filterlight grey
280040PDU 19" 1U, 7xSK-SK 2m OV PVC7SCHUKOSCHUKOOvervoltage Protectionlight grey
280041PDU 19" 1U, 6xSK-SK 2m OV S PVC6SCHUKOSCHUKOSwitch Overvoltage Protectionlight grey
280042PDU 19" 1U, 12xC13-SK 2m Latch GR12C13SCHUKOlight grey
280043PDU 19" 1U, 8xC19-C20 2m GR8C19C20light grey
280044PDU 19" 1U, 8xC13-C14 2m F10A GR8C13C14Fuselight grey
280045PDU 19" 1U, 9xC13-SK 2m GR9C13SCHUKOlight grey
280046PDU 19" 1U, 8xC13-SK 2m F10A GR8C13SCHUKOFuselight grey
280047PDU 19" 1U, 9xC13-T12 3m GR9C13T12grey
280048PDU 19" 1U, 7xT23-T23 3m S AL7T23T23Switchsilver
280049PDU 19" 1U, 5xT23-T23 3m OV RF AL5T23T23Overvoltage, Protection Mains & Frequency Filtersilver
280050PDU 19" 1U, 8xT13-T12 2m F10A AL8T13T12Circuit Breakersilver
280051PDU 19" 1U, 6xT13-T12 2m OV F10A AL6T13T12Overvoltage, Protection Mains & Frequency Filtersilver
280052PDU 19" 1U, 5xT13-T12 2m OV F10A RF AL5T13T12Overvoltage, Protection Mains & Frequency, Filter Circuit Breakersilver
280053PDU 19" 1U, 8xT23-T23 3m AL8T23T23silver
280054PDU 19" 1U, 8xT23-T23 3m AL WT8T23T23white
280055PDU 19" 1U, 8xT23-T23 3m AL OR8T23T23orange
280056PDU 19" 1U, 7xT23-T23 3m OV AL7T23T23Overvoltage Protectionsilver
280018PDU 19" 1U, 8xT23-CEE 3m bk AL8T23CEE 16Ablack
280019PDU 19" 1U, 8xT23-CEE 3m or AL8T23CEE 16Aorange
280057PDU 19" 1U, 8xT13-T12 2m AL OR8T13T13orange
280058PDU 19" 1U, 7xT13-T12 2m S AL7T13T13Switchsilver
280059PDU 19" 1U, 8xUTE-SK 2m OV AL GR8UTESCHUKOOvervoltage Protectiongrey
280060PDU 19" 1U, 6xUTE-SK 2m OV RF AL GR6UTESCHUKOOvervoltage Protectiongrey
280061PDU 19" 1U, 6xUTE-SK 2m FI AL GR6UTESCHUKOResidual Current Protectiongrey
280062PDU 19" 1U, 9xUTE-SK 2m AL GR9UTESCHUKOgrey
280063PDU 19" 1U, 8xUTE-SK 2m S AL GR8UTESCHUKOSwitchgrey
280064PDU 19" 1U, 7xUTE-SK 2m OV S AL GR7UTESCHUKOSwitch, Overvoltage Protectiongrey
280065PDU 19" 1U, 5xUTE-SK 2m OV S RF AL GR5UTESCHUKOSwitch, Overvoltage Protection, Mains & Frequency Filtergrey
280066PDU 19" 1U, 7xUK-UK 2m AL GR7UKUKgrey
280067PDU 19" 1U, 6xUK-UK 2m S AL GR6UKUKSwitchgrey