Cable entries

Brush strip panels - 1U
916094vented, black

19"/1U cable entry panels, black, with brush for front to rear cabling.
Installation in unused height units. Reduce unwanted airflows in racks.
Variants with one brush or two sections (divided brush). The latter can also be used for...

Brush strip panels - DxRx
916153300 x 100 mm, black

Cable entry panels with two layer brush strip for 300 x 100 mm openings.
Available versions: one-piece construction and divided construction.
Delivery with mounting kit.
These cable entry panels can be mounted in any of Datwyler's...

Cable entry panel
920926300 x 100 mm, sliding, black

Cable entry panel with PUR sliding cover for 300 x 100 mm openings, black.
For enhanced dust protection.
Delivery with mounting kit.
This panel can be mounted in any of Datwyler's free standing racks with 300 x 100 mm openings.

Brush strip panel - DWMR
916137150 x 56 mm, light grey

Cable entry panel with brush strip for 150 x 56 mm openings.
Can be mounted in Datwyler´s Wall-Mount Racks Premium DWMR.

Cable entry - round
916214100 mm, 4“, black

Cable entry with brush, for round 100 mm / 4“ openings.
Can be mounted in the round cable entry holes in each corner of Datwyler's free‑standing Premium racks (DSRP, DNRP).
Tool-less installation.

Brush strip panel - DxRx
916125450 x 255 mm, light grey

Cable entry panel with two layer brush strip for enhanced cable and dust protection.
For cable management in raised floors in data centres and technical rooms.
Frame size: 450 x 255 mm (required orifice in floor: 415 x 220 mm).