FO patch cable LSH to LCD


For parameters of all FO terminations see the data sheet “FO connector termination“.

Patch cords with Duplex connectors on both ends are delivered with a single Duplex clip which is not fixed to enable a change of polarity.

The polarity of these connectors is marked with cable clips “A“ and “B“ - please see the data sheet “FO connector termination“.


Product Datasheet


Article No.Connector type side A Connector type side BFibre typeLength [m]
423411LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS21
423412LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS22
423413LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS23
423414LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS24
423415LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS25
423417LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS27
423416LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS26
423418LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS28
423419LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS29
423420LSHLCDE9/125 G.652.D OS210
423431LSHLCDG50/125 OM31
423432LSHLCDG50/125 OM32
423433LSHLCDG50/125 OM33
423434LSHLCDG50/125 OM34
423435LSHLCDG50/125 OM35
423438LSHLCDG50/125 OM38
423436LSHLCDG50/125 OM36
423439LSHLCDG50/125 OM39
423437LSHLCDG50/125 OM37
423440LSHLCDG50/125 OM310
423451LSHLCDG50/125 OM21
423452LSHLCDG50/125 OM22
423453LSHLCDG50/125 OM23
423454LSHLCDG50/125 OM24
423455LSHLCDG50/125 OM25
423456LSHLCDG50/125 OM26
423457LSHLCDG50/125 OM27
423458LSHLCDG50/125 OM28
423459LSHLCDG50/125 OM29
423460LSHLCDG50/125 OM210