DFS Standard 60

Fire alarm cable, 300/500V

halogen-free, with improved fire characteristics,
BS 7629-1 and BS 5839-1:2013 Clause 26.2d

1 Conductor: solid copper wire
2 Insulation: EN 50363-5, flame-resistant, low smoke, halogen-free
3 Drain wire: tinned copper circuit protection conductor (earth wire)
4 Shielding: Aluminium foil with a copolymer backing, halogen-free,
   bonded to the outer sheath
5 Sheath: FRNC/LSZH


Cable for fire alarm systems and emergency lighting.
For permament installation in buildings. Suitable for use in Hazardous Areas Zones 1 and 2.
Optimized for fast termination: The aluminium foil is bonded to the inside of the sheath by a copolymer backing. So it is removed together with the sheath when terminating.
Permitted operating temperature at conductor of +90˚C.
Conductor:Bare copper, solid, IEC 60228 and EN 60228
Insulation:Special compound, BS EN 50363-5
Core colours:HD 308 S2, BS 7629-1
Shielding:Aluminium foil and tinned copper circuit protection conductor
(earth wire), IEC 60228, EN 60228
Sheath:Polyolefin compound, BS 7655-6.1, LTS3, flame-retardant
Sheath colour:Red or white
Nominal voltage:300/500V                          
Test voltage:2000V, 50Hz 
Minimum bending radiusduring and permanent installation:6 x D (D = outer diameter)
Operating temperaturepermanent installation:-40°C to +90°C
 during installation:0°C to +70°C

LPCB Certificate

Certificate number 172g Issue: 02

Zero halogen, no corrosive gases

IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SA

Flame propagation

IEC 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F1

Flame spread

IEC 60332-3-24/-25 Cat.C/D, EN 60332-3-24/-25 Cat.C/D, VDE 0482-332-3-24/-25 Cat.C/D, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F2

Smoke density

IEC 61034-1/-2, EN 61034-1/-2, VDE 0482-1034-1/-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SD

Circuit Integrity

BS 6387 (Categories C, W & Z), BS EN 50200 Annex E (30 minutes), BS EN 50200 (PH120), VDE 0482-200 (PH120), AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR1


Product Datasheet
BASEC Certificate
LPCB Certificates


Article No.ProductNumber of CoresDiameter [mm²]Sheath colourSheath Ø [mm]Weight [kg/km]Cu rate [kg/km]Fire load [kWh/m]PU
18720400ZNDFS Standard 6021red7.3580290.17100 m drum
18720400ZMDFS Standard 6021red7.358200.17200 m drum
18720400ZLDFS Standard 6021red7.358200.17500 m drum
18720500ZNDFS Standard 6021white7.3582290.17100 m drum
18720500ZMDFS Standard 6021white7.358200.17200 m drum
18720500ZLDFS Standard 6021white7.358200.17500 m drum
18720900ZNDFS Standard 6021.5red7.697430.19100 m drum
18720900ZMDFS Standard 6021.5red7.69700.19200 m drum
18720900ZLDFS Standard 6021.5red7.69700.19500 m drum
18716100ZNDFS Standard 6021.5white7.697430.19100 m drum
18716100ZMDFS Standard 6021.5white7.69700.19200 m drum
18716100ZLDFS Standard 6021.5white7.69700.19500 m drum
18721400ZNDFS Standard 6022.5red9141720.26100 m drum
18721400ZMDFS Standard 6022.5red914100.26200 m drum
18721400ZLDFS Standard 6022.5red914100.26500 m drum
18716200ZNDFS Standard 6022.5white9141720.26100 m drum
18716200ZMDFS Standard 6022.5white914100.26200 m drum
18716200ZLDFS Standard 6022.5white914100.26500 m drum
18724800ZNDFS Standard 6024red11.92000100 m drum
18724800ZMDFS Standard 6024red11.92000200 m drum
18724800ZLDFS Standard 6024red11.92000500 m drum
18721000ZNDFS Standard 6031.5red8.7129580.23100 m drum
18721000ZMDFS Standard 6031.5red8.712900.23200 m drum
18721000ZLDFS Standard 6031.5red8.712900.23500 m drum
18721100ZNDFS Standard 6031.5white8.7129580.23100 m drum
18721100ZMDFS Standard 6031.5white8.712900.23200 m drum
18721100ZLDFS Standard 6031.5white8.712900.23500 m drum
18721500ZNDFS Standard 6032.5red9.5191960.31100 m drum
18721500ZMDFS Standard 6032.5red9.519100.31200 m drum
18721500ZLDFS Standard 6032.5red9.519100.31500 m drum
18721600ZNDFS Standard 6032.5white9.5191960.31100 m drum
18721600ZMDFS Standard 6032.5white9.519100.31200 m drum
18721600ZLDFS Standard 6032.5white9.519100.31500 m drum
18721200ZNDFS Standard 6041.5red9145720.28100 m drum
18721200ZMDFS Standard 6041.5red914500.28200 m drum
18721200ZLDFS Standard 6041.5red914500.28500 m drum
18721300ZNDFS Standard 6041.5white9145720.28100 m drum
18721300ZMDFS Standard 6041.5white914500.28200 m drum
18721300ZLDFS Standard 6041.5white94800.28500 m drum
18721700ZMDFS Standard 6042.5red11.42221200.39200 m drum
18721700ZLDFS Standard 6042.5red11.422200.39500 m drum
18815500ZMDFS Standard 6042.5white11.42221200.39200 m drum
18815500ZLDFS Standard 6042.5white11.422200.39500 m drum
Other dimensions available on request. All dimensions in 100, 200 or 500 m length on drum.

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