JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm

Fire alarm cable, max. 225V, Keram

halogen-free, with improved fire characteristics,
with reference to VDE 0815,
circuit integrity (FE180) in accordance with VDE 0472-814, IEC 60331, EN 50200,
System Circuit Integrity E30-E90* in accordance with DIN 4102-12

1 Conductor: solid
2 Insulation: cross-linked polymer, zero halogen
3 Drain wire: Ø 0.8 mm 
4 Separator: plastic tape, zero halogen
5 Shielding: Al-laminated tape, zero halogen
6 Sheath: FRNC/LSZH


Cables with intrinsic fire resistance are installed in all areas that require special protection of people and equipment against fire and fire damages and where strict security requirements must be fulfilled. Suitable for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, protection must be provided against exposure to direct sunlight. The cable should only be laid directly in earth or water if a protective conduit is used. These cables correspond to the demands of System Circuit Integrity E30-E90* in accordance with DIN 4102-12. System Circuit Integrity is guaranteed at an operating voltage up to 110V.
Permitted operating temperature at conductor of +70˚C.
ConductorBare copper, solid, 0.8 mm diameter, VDE 0815
InsulationFire-resistant, cross-linked, high-performance Keram special compound, EN 50290-2-26
Core coloursVDE 0815, bundles identified by numbered tape
SeparatorPETP “Plastic Tape”
ShieldingAl-laminated tape with tinned copper drain wire Ø 0.8 mm
Outer sheathFlame retardant polyolefin compound VDE 0819 part 107, EN 50290-2-27 and VDE 0250-214 “HM 2“
Sheath colourRed
Insulation resistanceminimum 100 MΩ x km
Loop resistancemaximum 73.2 Ω/km at 0.80 mm
Capacitance unbalancemaximum 120 nF/km at 800 Hz
Capacitance couplingK maximum 200 pF/100m at 800 Hz
Rated voltagemaximum 225 V
Test voltage500 V, 50 Hz Core/Core
 2000 V, 50Hz, Core/Screen
Minimum bending radius7.5 x D (D = outer diameter)
Crush resistance ≥1000 N/10 cm
Impact≥ 10 impacts
Operating temperaturepermanent installation-30°C to +70°C
 during installation-5°C to +50°C
System Circuit Integrity is dependent on installation method.

Zero halogen, no corrosive gases

IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SA

Flame propagation

IEC 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F1

Flame spread

IEC 60332-3-22/-24 Cat. A/C, EN 60332-3-22/-24 Cat. A/C, VDE 0482-332-3-22/-24 Cat. A/C, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F2

Smoke density

IEC 61034-1/-2, EN 61034-1/-2, VDE 0482-1034-1/-2, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SD

Circuit Integrity (FE180)

IEC 60331-11/-21 (180 minutes), VDE 0472 part 814 (FE180), IEC 60331-1, IEC 60331-2 (120 minutes ), EN 50200, VDE 0482-200 (PH120) and EN 50362, VDE 0482-362 (120 minutes), BS 6387 C/W/Z, AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR1

System circuit integrity

DIN 4102 part 12, NBN 713-020 (Rf 1 1/2), AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR2


Product Datasheet
Tender text
MPA Certificate


Article No.ProductNumber of PairsNumber of CoresDiameter [mm]Sheath colourSheath Ø [mm]Weight [kg/km]Cu rate [kg/km]Fire load [kWh/m]PU
188093JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 1x2x0.8 mm120.8 mmred5.643150.095by the metre
188098JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 2x2x0.8 mm220.8 mmred6.360250.123by the metre
188101JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 4x2x0.8 mm420.8 mmred9102450.21by the metre
188103JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 8x2x0.8 mm820.8 mmred13.9222850.52by the metre
188105JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 12x2x0.8 mm1220.8 mmred14.82821260.58by the metre
188109JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 20x2x0.8 mm2020.8 mmred18.84222060.80by the metre
188107JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 16x2x0.8 mm1620.8 mmred16.63261660.69by the metre
188112JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 32x2x0.8 mm3220.8 mmred225903261.02by the metre
188114JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 40x2x0.8 mm4020.8 mmred25.57604071.38by the metre
188116JE-H(St)H...Bd FE180 E30-E90 fire alarm 52x2x0.8 mm5220.8 mmred27.89305291.59by the metre
Additional dimensions available on request.

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