Insulation bridging set

for insulated ceilings, thickness >100 mm

Example for bridging set:
1 Mounting screw
2 Joint
3 Threaded rod
4 Nuts


Bridging set for mounting Datwyler clamps on insulated ceilings - insulation thickness: higher than 100 mm.

Borehole depth = x+y.
Embedment depth in concrete (x): minimum of 70 mm,
plus thickness of non-flammable insulation (y).

1 =Concrete
2 =Cellular or foam glass / solid insulation material
x =Embedment depth in concrete
y =Thickness of insulation
a =Distance between "Hermann" clamps, SAS clamps, other:
see "Manual Functional Integrity".
Distance is the same as for direct mounting on ceilings (or walls).

Threaded rods delivered 0,5 m or 1 m in length - 
must be cut to the requested length (y = thickness of insulation). 
A thread cutting device which causes no flying sparks and provides a stop for equal lengths is available from specialised retailers. 
Maybe the plasterboarder can help you, too.
You can use a 6 mm drill and mounting tools from specialised retailers.
Bridging Set is also suitable for >400 mm. Threaded rod must be cut accordingly. 
A drill for borehole depths >400 mm is necessary!

The suspensions take 0.15 kN for fire resistance F90.


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductPUInformation
4000738Ü-Set 400 mm100 sets

Überbrückungs-Set bis 400 mm Dämmung,
100 Sets = 100x geprüfte Montageschraube, 100x Muffe, 300x Muttern,
50x Gewindestab M6 1m (100 x 0,5 m)

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