Pre-assembly of loose-tube cable .

Singlemode, all current connector types


The pre-assembly of loose-tube FO cable from Datwyler enables customers to work with ready-to-install fibre optic multiple cables (trunks) in the requested lengths and types.
The trunks are made to customer specifications under laboratory conditions.
They allow for cost saving and simple installations without expensive fibre optic equipment.

Trunk termination
- Termination of up to 48 fibres
- Termination with all current fibre optic connectors
- After the distribution splitter (screwable) each single fibre is protected
  by aramide yarn
  and has its own sheath
- Single fibre termination graded in length
  (maximum length after distribution splitter: 2 m)
- Delivery with crush-resistant hose protection (protection rating IP67),
  optional with braided sleeving only
- Delivery with optical attenuation measurement report
  (measurement with OTDR: optional at an extra charge)

Attention: Please order the loose tube cable seperately - according to your individual needs!


Product Datasheet
Tender text
GHMT PVP Certificates


Article No.ProductNumber of fibresConnector type
417218Trunk termination Singlemode4ST
1407719Trunk termination Singlemode6ST
1405818Trunk termination Singlemode8ST
1407720Trunk termination Singlemode12ST
1408529Trunk termination Singlemode24ST
1408723Trunk termination Singlemode48ST
1407244Trunk termination Singlemode4SC
1407778Trunk termination Singlemode6SC
1410923Trunk termination Singlemode8SC
1407035Trunk termination Singlemode12SC
1406242Trunk termination Singlemode24SC
1406768Trunk termination Singlemode48SC
415096Trunk termination Singlemode4LC
415014Trunk termination Singlemode6LC
415016Trunk termination Singlemode24LC
417132Trunk termination Singlemode8LC
415017Trunk termination Singlemode48LC
415015Trunk termination Singlemode12LC
417219Trunk termination Singlemode4LSH
415010Trunk termination Singlemode6LSH
417220Trunk termination Singlemode8LSH
415011Trunk termination Singlemode12LSH
415012Trunk termination Singlemode24LSH
415013Trunk termination Singlemode48LSH
415001Trunk termination Singlemode4SC/APC
417221Trunk termination Singlemode6SC/APC
415002Trunk termination Singlemode8SC/APC
415003Trunk termination Singlemode12SC/APC
417223Trunk termination Singlemode8LSH/APC
415004Trunk termination Singlemode24SC/APC
415007Trunk termination Singlemode12LSH/APC
415005Trunk termination Singlemode48SC/APC
415008Trunk termination Singlemode24LSH/APC
417222Trunk termination Singlemode4LSH/APC
415009Trunk termination Singlemode48LSH/APC
415006Trunk termination Singlemode6LSH/APC

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