FO simplex patch cable SC - LC/APC

E9/125 OS2 G657.A2

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Datwyler offers a broad range of terminated connectors for individual customer needs.
For all patch cords single cables with 2.0 mm are used.
Ferrule material: Zirconia
Lifetime: 1000 connections with stable attenuation values
Reproducibility of the IL: a maximum of +/- 0.1dB
Testing method IL: IEC 61300-3-4
Testing method RL: IEC 61300-3-6
IL typical, connector A: 0.12 dB
IL maximal, connector A: 0.25 dB
RL typical, connector A: 55 dB
RL maximal, connector A: 50 dB
Grade, connector A: better than B2
IL typical, connector B: 0.12 dB
IL maximal, connector B: 0.25 dB
RL typical, connector B: 70 dB
RL maximal, connector B: 65 dB
Grade, connector B: better than B1
Cable construction: I-V(ZN)HH (2 mm)
Minimum bending radius: 50 mm
Connector cable retention: 100 N
Tensile load (IEC 60794-1-21 E1 0,33% reversible fibre elongation): 200 N
Crush resistance (IEC 60794-1-21 E3, reversible fibre attenuation): ≤ 0,2 dB
Impact: IEC 60794-1-21 E4
Repeated bending: IEC 60794-1-21 E6
Bending (IEC 60794-1-21 E11, reversible fibre attenuation): ≤ 0,5 dB
Torsion (IEC 60794-1-21 E7, reversible fibre attenuation): ≤ 0,1 dB
Operating temperature: -10 °C up to +60 °C
Connector type side A:SC
Connector type side B:LC/APC
Fibre type:E9/125 OS2 G657.A2


Product Datasheet


Article No.ProductSheathSheath colourLength [m]Connector type side AConnector type side BType of fibre
344784FO simplex patch cableLSZHyellow1SC/APCSC/PCG.657.A1
344785SC - LC/APC, E9/125 OS2 G657.A2LSZHyellow2SC/APCSC/PCG.657.A1
344786SC - LC/APC, E9/125 OS2 G657.A2LSZHyellow3SC/APCSC/PCG.657.A1