Patch cord, MTP Elite - MTP Elite, E9/125 G.657.A2 OS2


Round, very flexible FO patch cables, assembled with high-performance MTP Elite®, connectors at both ends.
They are assembled to a very high quality and guarantee optimum values for optical performance (IL/RL).
Compact, space saving cable design with Ø 3.0 mm (cable sheath).
Bend insensitive fibre, suitable for small space application.
Labelling at both cable ends for quick identification.
OS2 MTP-on-MTP patch cords are suitable for all high performance applications with parallel optical signals in the data centre environment.
Supplied with test report
Steckertyp Seite AMTP Elite
Ferrulenschliff Stecker A8 °
IL typisch, Stecker A0.1 dB
IL maximal, Stecker A0.3 dB
RL typisch, Stecker A70 dB
RL minimal, Stecker A60 dB
Steckertyp Seite BMTP Elite
Ferrulenschliff Stecker B8 °
IL typisch, Stecker B0.1 dB
IL maximal, Stecker B0.3 dB
RL typisch, Stecker B70 dB
RL minimal, Stecker B60 dB
MTP® and MTP Elite® are registered brands of US Conec.

Halogenfreiheit, Korrosivität

IEC 60754-1/2


IEC 60332-3




Artikelnr.ProduktMantelMantelfarbePolaritätLänge [m]
4135009Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbA1 m
4135023Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbB1 m
4135010Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbA2 m
4135024Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbB2 m
4135011Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbA3 m
4135025Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbB3 m
4135012Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbA4 m
4135026Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbB4 m
4135013Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbA5 m
4135027Patch cord MTP Elite - MTP EliteFR/LS0HgelbB5 m
Other lengths and versions on request.