OV-A / OV-T 2U accessories




Product Datasheet


416976Front plate for 24x SCD or LCQ银色
416961Front plate for 24x SCD or LCQ浅灰色
416962Front plate for 48x SC, LSH or LCD*浅灰色
416963Front plate for 48x ST or FC/PC浅灰色
417299Front plate for 48x LCD (offset design)浅灰色
417882Front plate for 48x SCD or LCQ浅灰色
419052Front plate for 48x LSH-C (Compact)浅灰色
416966Front plate for insertion of 4 partial front plates浅灰色
417562Angled cable entry M20银色
415209Angled cable entry 2x M20银色
417560Angled cable entry M25银色
417561Straight cable entry M20 + M25银色
418654Angled cable entry 2 x 15 mm银色
418651Straight cable entry 1 x 20 mm + 2 x 15 mm银色
* For LCD couplers we recommend the offset version (Art.No. 417299) due to the limited accessibility of the connectors when unplugging the patch cords.