(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60

Safety cable 0.6/1kV, Keram

Halogen-free, with improved fire characteristics;
FE180 E30*: in accordance with SEV TP 20B/3C and with reference to HD 604 S1 part 5.H,
30 minutes System Circuit Integrity* with reference to DIN 4102-12;
(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60*: with reference to VDE 0266,
E30-E60 System Circuit Integrity* in accordance with DIN 4102-12

1 导体: 实芯线/绞合铜导体
2 防火性能: 高性能防火材料
3 绝缘材料: 交联无卤PE无卤材料
4 填充材料: 阻燃无卤
5 外护套: FRNC/LS0H


Safety cables are installed in all areas that require special protection of people and equipment against fire and fire damages and where strict security requirements must be fulfilled.
Suitable for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, protection must be provided against exposure to direct sunlight. The cable should only be laid directly in earth or water if a protective conduit is used.
Cables ≤ 10 mm2: correspond to the demands of E30 System Circuit Integrity* with reference to DIN 4102-12.
Cables ≥16 mm2: correspond to the demands of E30-E60 System Circuit Integrity* in accordance with DIN 4102-12.
System Circuit Integrity is provided up to 400 V operating voltage.
Permitted operating temperature at conductor of +90˚C.
导体裸铜线,实芯线或绞合铜导体,标准IEC 60228 和 EN 60228
绝缘材料特殊材料, HD 604 S1
填充材料HD 604 S1 part 5 H
外护套符合材料, HD 604 S1 part 5 H
芯线颜色欧洲电工标准化委员会(CENELEC) HD 308 S2
测试电压3500V, 50Hz
最小弯曲半径永久安装&操作安装15* x D (单芯线)
  12* x D (多股线)
  (D = 外护套直径)
 永久安装在30°C及有模板条件下安装时,*50% 缩小
操作温度永久安装-45°C ~ +90°C
 操作安装-5°C ~ +50°C
* System Circuit Integrity is dependent on installation method


IEC 60754-1/-2, EN 60754-1/-2, VDE 0482-754-1/-2, SEV TPV11, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SA


IEC 60332-1-2, EN 60332-1-2, VDE 0482-332-1-2, SEV TP 20B/3C, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F1

Flame spread

IEC 60332-3-24 Cat. C, EN 60332-3-24 Cat. C, VDE 0482-332-3-24 Cat. C, SEV TP 20B/3C, AREI-RGIE Art.104-F2


IEC 61034-1/-2, EN 61034-1/-2, VDE 0482-1034-1/-2, SEV TP 20B/3C 3.4.3, AREI-RGIE Art.104-SD


IEC 60331-11/-21 (180 minutes), VDE 0472 part 814 (FE180), IEC 60331-1, IEC 60331-2 (120 minutes ), EN 50200, VDE 0482-200 (PH120) and EN 50362, VDE 0482-362 (120 minutes), BS 6387 C/W/Z, AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR1


FE180 E30: with reference to DIN 4102-12, VKF Fire Safety Application No. 24176, AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR2
(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60: in accordance with DIN 4102-12, NBN 713-020 (Rf1), AREI-RGIE Art.104-FR2


Product Datasheet
Tender text
MPA Certificate


产品型号产品Number of CoresDiameter [mm²]外护套颜色外护套 Ø [mm]重量 [kg/km]Cu rate [kg/km]Fire load [kWh/m]产品特性Conductor单位
171290(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 6167.611358.60.23Lsolid
171291(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 101108.4158960.27Lsolid
171370(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 161169.82271540.34Lstranded
171377(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 2512511.33292400.43Lstranded
171386(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 3513512.44283360.48Lstranded
171394(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 5015013.95654800.58Lstranded
171429(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 7017015.77736720.68Lstranded
170842(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 9519518.110359120.91Lstranded
170845(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 120112019.2127011520.97Lstranded
170850(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 1 x 150115021.4159014401.20Lstranded
170855(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 185118523.6196117761.46Lstranded
170858(N)HXH-0 FE180 E30-E60 1 x 240124026.8256323041.81Lstranded
170860(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 1x3001300橙色29.2310928802.13Lstrandedby the metre
186280(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 1.521.511178290.48LNsolid
186921(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 2.522.511.8217480.54LNsolid
186922(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 42412.8271770.62LNsolid
186923(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 62613.83371150.70LNsolid
186924(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 1021015.44591920.83LNsolid
186952(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 1621618.26603071.09LNsolid
190404(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 2 x 2522521.29504801.42LNstranded
186925(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 1.531.511.5200430.53LNPEsolid
186926(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 2.532.512.4250720.60LNPEsolid
186927(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 43413.53191150.68LNPEsolid
186928(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 63614.64031730.77LNPEsolid
186929(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 3 x 1031016.35602880.91LNPEsolid
186953(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 1631619.38094611.19LNPEstranded
186955(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 2532522.611827201.56LNPEstranded
186954(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 25 + 1 x 16325+1623.913578741.733LPEstranded
186957(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 3533524.9152910081.80LNPEstranded
186956(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 35 + 1 x 16335+1625.9169311621.933LPEstranded
186959(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 5035028.2202614402.24LNPEstranded
186958(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 50 + 1 x 25350+2529.9231116802.523LPEstranded
186961(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 7037032.72814201632.7LNPEstranded
186960(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 70 + 1 x 35370+3534314623523.073LPEstranded
186962(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 95 + 1 x 20395+5039.3422232164.183LPEstranded
186963(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 120 + 1 x 703120+7042.652554098.284.743LPEstranded
186964(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 150 + 1 x 703150+7046.6636149925.633LPEstranded
186965(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 3 x 185 + 1 x 903185+9552795462406.993LPEstranded
186930(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 1.541.512.4234580.613LPEsolid
186931(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 2.542.513.4296960.693LPEsolid
186932(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 44414.63811540.783LPEsolid
186933(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 64615.84922300.903LPEsolid
186934(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 1041017.86953841.073LPEsolid
186967(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 1641621.110056141.403LPEstranded
186968(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 2542524.814799601.863LPEstranded
186969(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 3543527.4192913442.153LPEstranded
186970(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 5045031.5259819202.793LPEstranded
186971(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 7047036.2357826883.383LPEstranded
186972(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 9549541.7478536484.683LPEstranded
186973(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 120412044.6583746085.193LPEstranded
186974(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 150415050736157606.523LPEstranded
187548(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 4 x 185418555.3906671047.983LPEstranded
187077(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 4 x 240424062.911863921610.053LPEstranded
186935(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 1.551.513.4277720.713LNPEsolid
186936(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 2.552.514.53521200.813LNPEsolid
186937(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 45415.84571920.933LNPEsolid
186938(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 65617.25892881.053LNPEsolid
186939(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 5 x 1051019.38334801.253LNPEsolid
186975(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 1651623.112207681.673LNPEstranded
186976(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 2552527.2180312002.223LNPEstranded
186977(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 3553530.5238516802.663LNPEstranded
186978(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 5055034.8319124003.413LNPEstranded
186979(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 7057040439133604.263LNPEstranded
190587(N)HXH FE180 E30-E60 5 x 9559546.6592545605.893LNPEstranded
171272(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 7 x 1.571.514.43301010.816LPEsolid
171273(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 7 x 2.572.515.64451680.926LPEsolid
191080(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 7 x 67618.67304031.175LNPEsolid
171279(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 12 x 1.5121.518.35131731.2011LPEsolid
171280(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 12 x 2.5122.5206722881.3711LPEsolid
171283(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 19 x 1.5191.521.27152741.6318LPEsolid
171284(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 19 x 2.5192.523.29484561.8318LPEsolid
171285(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 24 x 1.5241.524.69013461.9923LPEsolid
171286(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 24 x 2.5242.52711985762.2723LPEsolid
171287(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 30 x 1.5301.52610524322.2829LPEsolid
171288(N)HXH-J FE180 E30-E60 30 x 2.5302.528.814387202.6829LPEsolid


(N)HXH CL FE180 E30-E60

Safety cable 0.6/1kV armoured with rodent protection, Keram

FE180 E30

Safety cable, 0.6/1kV, Keram