Connection / terminal box E30-E90

E30-E90, type VAD

1 - VAD 3 4x6 PE
2 - VAD 3 3x6 PE plus
3 - VAD 3 6x6 PE

4 - KR6
5 - KR6.4


Connection / terminal box, tested on the basis of DIN 4102-12,
System Circuit Integrity class E30-E90.
Branches in cable systems with integrated functional integrity according to DIN 4102-12 must be fused individually so that the short circuit of one consumer / one group cannot affect the other consumers / groups. Branches must therefore have an outgoing fuse.

Halogen-free plastic box, cable glands, ceramic clamps, mounting rail and fire protection plugs.

MaterialHalogen-free special compound, fail-safe
Protection class      IP 54




Product Datasheet
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产品型号产品颜色Outer dimensions [mm]ClampsType单位
301391Junction Box VAD ... E30-E90橙色100 x 100 x 50 mm4x KR6 + 2x PE 16 mm2VAD 3 4x6 PE1 个
301392Junction Box VAD ... E30-E90橙色100 x 100 x 50 mm3x KR6.4 + 2x PE 16 mm2VAD 3 3x6 PE plus1 个
301393Junction Box VAD ... E30-E90橙色175 x 150 x 80 mm6x KR6 + 2x PE 16 mm2VAD 3 6x6 PE1 个


通用型光面面板 1x, 2x

Type Hercules distribution box


for Connection / terminal box VAD ... E30-E90