ODF Optical distribution frame

19‘‘/47U active frame

ODF 19‘‘/47 U active frame



For use in the carrier sector for backbone solutions and distribution networks.
The intelligent cable management system allows trouble-free horizontal and vertical cable routing. Bend radius control on all routing paths. Cable entry possible from bottom and from top.
Base frame:
material of 2 mm galvanised steel
Protection class:IP 20
Maximum Load [KG]:
Front door:(none)
Rear door:(none)
Side panels:(none)
Mounting profile:Depth profile variably mountable
Bottom Panel:cable entry possible
Top Panel:cable entry possible
Feet:Set of adjustable feet as standard
Earthing:pre-installed flat earthing kit


Product Datasheet


产品型号产品颜色高 (u)高 [mm]宽 [mm]深 [mm]
343021ODF active, 47 U, 2,200 x 800 x 1,000 mm浅灰色47 U22008001000
343022ODF active, 47 U, 2,200 x 800 x 800 mm浅灰色47 U2200800800
343023ODF active, 47 U, 2,200 x 800 x 600 mm浅灰色47 U2200800600
343024ODF active, 47 U, 2,200 x 800 x 400 mm浅灰色47 U2200800400



19‘‘/47 U passive frame