FO cleaning tools


for satisfactory optical performance

1 卷轴清洁器
2 MPO/MTP® 连接头清洗装置

3 单根光纤连接器清洗装置
4 清洁棒


The cleanliness of FO connectors is critical for satisfactory optical performance and long-term trouble-free transmission. Connectors that are dirty, worn or scratched due to improper use will have a negative effect on optical performance because the Insertion Loss (IL) increases whilst the Return Loss (RL) falls.

This topic is so important that it has found its way into all FO-related cabling standards. The standards point out that professional cleaning tools are necessary to ensure successful acceptance tests and trouble-free patching.
For professional on-site cleaning of FO connectors (e.g. MPO/MTP®) the equipment as featured in Datwyler´s FO accessories portfolio (see below) is particularly suitable.

MTP® 是US Conec的注册品牌.


Product Datasheet


1411400Reel Cleaner for FO connectors1 个
1411401Replacement reel for Reel Cleaner6 个
415627FO connector cleaning device for MPO through adapter1 个
415628FO connector cleaning device for 2.5 mm through adapter1 个
415629FO connector cleaning device for 1.25 mm through adapter1 个
1411404Cleaning rod for 2.5 mm for adapter10 个
1411405Cleaning rod for 1.25 mm for adapter10 个