Module insert

3U/7TE for subracks OV-BG


FO Module plug-in unit 3HE/7TE equipped with 6 LCD OS2 and 12 Pigtails


Ready to splice prepared module insert for mounting in 4U subracks for termination of fiber optic cables, maximum 24 fibers.
Loaded with FO adapters, ready for splicing, with prepared pigtails (per 2 m, colour code: IEC 60304).
- Splice cassettes and excess length tray
- coloured pigtails with measurement report
- splice holder for 12 x crimp splice protectors
Module insert with
- Delivery with crimp-splicing protection
- FO adapters, fastened by screws
- splice trays with cover
颜色(前部):Anodised aluminium
容量:up to 24 fibres
尺寸:3U/7TE, 248 mm
适配器:SCD, LCD,LCQ, LSH Coloured Polymer housings, ceramic sleeves


Product Datasheet


产品型号产品Number of adapters适配器Laser protectionColour (adapter)光纤根尾纤
41738600ZYFO slide-in module6LSH-C/APCYes绿色OS212xLSH/APC
41738700ZYFO slide-in module6LSH-CYes紫色OM412xLSH
417355FO slide-in module6LCDNo水绿OM312xLC
417353FO slide-in module12LCDNo水绿OM324xLC
309366FO slide-in module6LCDYes水绿OM312xLC
41734900ZYFO slide-in module6LCDNo紫色OM412xLC
417359FO slide-in module12LCDNo紫色OM424xLC
417352FO slide-in module6LCDNo蓝色OS212xLC
417354FO slide-in module12LCDNo蓝色OS224xLC
41734700ZYFO slide-in module6LCD/APCNo绿色OS212xLC/APC
309367FO slide-in module12LSH/APCYes绿色OS212xLSH/APC
417357FO slide-in module6SCDNo水绿OM312xSC
41736300ZYFO slide-in module6SCDNo紫色OM412xSC
41736500ZYFO slide-in module6SCDNolime greenOM512xSC
417358FO slide-in module6SCDNo蓝色OS212xSC
41734800ZYFO slide-in module6SCD/APCNo绿色OS212xSC/APC