Copper system accessories

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For the assembly of the PS-GG45 module and for connecting the wires at the same time.


Termination tool for LSA Plus or IDC contacts - cable insulation displacement aid

Installation aid for RJ45 Keystone modules

Cable connector
Class FA IP67 / Class EA IP20

Cable connector Class FA IP67
Field-assembly cable connector for 8-core data cables.
Tool-less interconnection of AWG26/1 up to AWG 22/1 (solid wires) and AWG26/7 up to AWG22/7 (stranded wires) data cables at IDC insulation displacement...

PS-TERA/MS tool for cable preparation

Parallel pliers for the cable termination with MS 1/8 and PS-TERA 1/8 modules.

Cable stripping tool Abi 62